My 5 favourite adventure activities

Looking back at my 5 most adventurous and favourite outdoor activities through these years along with details on what went down while I attempted them:

  1. Snowmobiling – This by far is my favourite outdoor activity. I had first-hand experience of snowmobiling in Whistler, Canada. Whistler is one of the largest ski resorts of North America. There could have been no better place than Whistler for me to have tasted the adrenaline that comes with it. We were a group of 6 on our snowmobiles led by a trainer. The two hour long ride consists of ridges, narrow turns, slopes and slides. The rush and speed of the ride is exhilarating, to say the least. I crashed my snowmobile twice and my trainer was not very pleased with my skills. The highlight was a short break to indulge in snow fights. While one wishes that one could slow down and admire the beauty of the beautiful surroundings and paths – you are instead racing .This was one memorable, freeze my butt day.IMG_0610DSCN4457


    Ready for the ride

  2. Bungee Jumping – I bungee jumped a few years ago and I think this was one of my first experiences of adventure activities and a tick off my bucket list. I took this leap of faith in Uganda, Africa over the river Nile. I was definitely the most ‘enthu cutlet’ in my group and decided to take the plunge first. It was all exciting and happy while I was being briefed and prepped. The moment I stepped on the ledge, I was all nerves and freaking out. I have to give it to our instructor as he refused to push me and patiently waited for me to Jump and it was worth it. Those few seconds of the world upside down and your head hitting the water is pure joy. I hope i can put my faith into more bungee jumps.

    Our bungee spot


    Ready for that plunge


    Here I go

  3. River Rafting – Most people in India want to experience river rafting in Rishikesh. In my case, my tryst with river rafting was in Leh, Ladakh.  I am a non-swimmer and yet love water based activities. I was with another friend and this was our last day in Leh. Our driver drove us to the starting point where we surprised my friend who wasn’t all in for river rafting in the freezing Indus. We got on that raft, a total of 4 adults and a kid joined us who was fearless and made us look like scared fools. If it wasn’t for him we probably wouldn’t have had the courage to enjoy as much. Jumping into water has been one of my regular ‘moments’ and the same played out here even before I was asked to. It was amazing, scary and COLD. The experience of being surrounded by the stark beauty that Leh is and rafting in the middle of peaks and ending at the Sangam point has been unlike any other.

    Sangam point


  4. Zip Lining I also zip lined for the first time in Whistler. Zip lining in minus degree temperatures amongst forests, snow and over water bodies was the highlight of this zip line. It may not have been the highest or longest but ranged from 400 – 1100 ft. Walking in the cold, crossing ridges and suspension bridges was all a part of it. Hanging in the middle of nowhere overlooking old pinewood trees, trying stunts as you are dangling and flying is surreal. The feeling of your heart sinking every time you are pushed makes me want to zip line again .I think this has been my most fun and chilled experience.DSCN4482


  5. Fly Boarding – The last but the hardest activity for me was fly boarding. Thanks to a group of friends who decided we must try this in Dubai, I found myself more than eager to give it a shot. The videos and trainers made it look like a piece of cake – all you had to do was stand in water. As each of us started, I realised how difficult and tiring this actually was and even though it is a lot of fun, be prepared for salt water and a lot of falls and splashes. There is a high in getting it right and being able to balance and as soon as you relish it , boom – you fall hard! This one was one thrilling and tiring off bucket list adventure.IMG_2494IMG_2470

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my adventures , do share your favourites!



Self Reflection:Smile Often

During my last trip to Himachal Pradesh, I kept wondering why I was always pulled back towards the mountains of our country.

What is it that gives me this sense of belonging, comfort, a true feeling of home away from home. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the hilly regions , mountains whether for a week or a month.

I find myself relaxed, aware, and with a sense of peace that feels more like home than any other place.

While introspecting and observing my behaviour, I realised that I would lower my guard,  smile often and be more patient on my travels as compared to being in the city.

On my trip to Jibhi, it dawned on me that some of the most useful and powerful tools one possesses is their smile and sincerity – It is a way into people’s heart and lives.

I was able to befriend strangers, make awkward scenarios more comfortable and get elders to share their adventurous life stories.

I have often wondered how some photographers capture the essence and joy of people through their images; during this trip I discovered the same joys of sharing happiness and conversations from children to elders…

Sipping chai and chatting up with locals, sharing a meal with my hosts, and meeting travel companions on the way was all a part of openness and the idea of smiling at someone along the way. Not that this was new in my travels yet I found myself more open to strangers and meeting people.

I also realised that the warmth and love you are greeted with in our hills cannot be compared.Being a solo female traveller always raises a few questions, curious looks by locals but the smile and honesty soon lets you into their world and stories.

Soon they are a part of your story and not the other way around.

So with that thought …“Keep smiling because Life is a Beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about” – Marilyn Monroe.

P.s. Some of my favourite smiles from my travels.