My 15 cherished travels from 2015

  1. Bhopal – The last day of 2014 was a road trip to Bhopal with my family. New Year’s Eve was spent with family, spreading love laughter and grace. The year began with exploring the city of lakes in absolute fog and cold.1.bhopal
  2. Corbett National Park – Over a span of 24 hours, I saw myself travelling from Bhopal- Indore flying across Mumbai-Delhi and finally ending it at my destination Corbett. Corbett was a work trip but the vast landscapes, the winding roads and the pure nature left me awestruck. Over two days we drove from one end of the jungle to the other and all I hoped was to revisit soon.2.corbett
  3. Dapoli – I have been blessed with friends and family who have been a part of my birthday celebrations. This year, I decided to take off for a two day trip to Dapoli, in the konkan belt. It was by far the quietest and most treasured getaway I could have wished for.4.dapoli
  4. Goa – Goa has been a destination I have travelled more for work and less for leisure. This time in Feb, work took me back to Goa. This trip with friends, colleagues, sunsets and beach therapy made for an introspective last working project.3.goa
  5. Jodhpur Jodhpur holds a special place in my heart. A city I stayed in for a month in 2013 felt more homely this time around. A work stint for 3 weeks with beautiful people, music, and soul left me renewed for the year ahead.                            5.1
  6. Darjeeling – Finally, the mountains called me. I was visiting this part of the east after a decade and I couldn’t have been happier. Tea gardens, pure rivers and the mighty mountains, was all I needed to feel alive again.6.darj
  7. Sikkim – My next destination was Sikkim. The snow, the high passes, frozen lakes were no less than a dream. Sikkim was splendid and truly gorgeous. I travelled with my mother through this belt and it was indeed a special experience of enjoying and learning through each other.7,sikkim
  8. Arunachal Pradesh – A state, I had been longing to visit and now urge everyone to go and explore. Arunachal is truly one of the most untouched, beautiful states of north east. The largest of towns are still developing. A taste of culture, beauty, heritage and stories is what filled my bags when I returned from this soulful experience. 8.arunachal
  9. Auroville – As June progressed, I was urging to take a short trip and I decided it was time for me to visit Auroville and Pondicherry. Auroville was my first solo trip of the year and it was everything and more I hoped for. Cycling across the town, spending time at Matri Mandir, attending workshops, trying out different cafes and meeting new people are some of my fond memories!IMG_20150615_111233
  10. Pondicherry – After Auroville, I spent a couple of days in Pondicherry and enjoyed the quaint cafes, boutiques and the french architecture. Much against my usual trips, I let Pondicherry be a laid back trip and gave myself the time and space to be.9.pondi
  11. Valley of Flower – My next trip was in September to one of my favourite states – Uttarakhand. I had been planning trekking to VOF and Hemkunt Sahib for the last two years and managed to do so finally this year. Trekking the entire circuit has been one of my biggest accomplishments and the most gratifying one. Entering VOF and being in that moment was a forever kind of love with nature. My senses, abilities, and virtues were all tested through this journey.11.vof
  12. Hemkunt Sahib –  This trek has definitely made me a stronger person. The 7km upward climb teaches you some huge life lessons. All I can say about this trip, that it was a journey inward for me in all its glory. I had never felt more blessed and one with my masters.12.hemkunt
  13. Rishikesh – Rishikesh has become one of the places I have grown to love and be fond off. The Ganges, aartis, exploring cafes, some amazing company of dear friends and long drives have made me a Rishikesh loyalist.13.rishi
  14. Madhya Pradesh – I had never imagined myself travelling through the interior parts of MP and camping and exploring places I had not even heard of. Work does have its perks 😉 A road trip from Khajuraho – Kanha. Camping by the Narmada, jungle safari, meeting Tara, the elephant and exploring the ruins of Khajuraho. This trip made for my most challenging and different experience of the 1
  15. Indore – This Diwali break we visited one of my old home towns Indore and Mhow to visit some family.  It brought back some old cherished childhood memories of growing up. This trip also landed up being my food trip of the year where I gorged on all the street delicacies of Indore. Added to that was a quick trip to Ujjain to visit the Mahakal Mandir. Both my MP trips showed me different sides of India that I had not personally experienced in my travels.IMG_20151114_125252.jpg


Here is hoping for a beautiful and inspiring 2016!



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