Moving Out of Comfort Zone – Following One’s Passion

The July of 2013, ended my decade long relationship with my home city Mumbai.

I came from an army family and being on the move and changing homes was something I grew up with. Mumbai however was different; a city where I grew up, made bonds for life, spent the best college years. I had an exciting, challenging job that brought the security and comfort that a 20 something year old needed. I was in a familiar territory, independent and in one of the best cities with particularly nothing much to complain about. Yet there was a miss, a fire that needed to be channelized elsewhere, routine that had to be de-constructed.

I was yearning for a change. I decided to quit my job and move out of Mumbai for good. It wasn’t anything close to easy but I knew it was time for something more. My original plan was to travel and explore options of further studies.

I moved to where my parents lived, with no firm plans and decided “to go with the flow”. It wasn’t an easy transition. I came from an extremely demanding, hectic work and social life and here I was, at home with abundant free time. The first few months were bliss, there was happiness and peace in finding my own and doing nothing but slowly, it got to me.

It was during this time at home, that I stumbled upon Spiti and Ecosphere and my first solo trip in India was planned. I have written a lot about Spiti and in a nutshell, nothing was the same for me post this trip.

I returned stronger, with a clearer mind, inspired and with that fire to do something more. This is when I knew, I was travel smitten. I felt alive and at peace.

My life, post the trip panned out much differently than I imagined. I soon began seeking the constant need to travel. The usual work life cycle and the luxury of a permanent job became secondary.

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I decided to postpone the idea of further studies and focussed more on this unrelenting urge to travel. I found balance by taking up a few freelance work projects which ensured a somewhat steady income, kept me on the move and yet connected to my passion.

2014, was definitely my year of travel and exploration. Blessed with a supportive family- I travelled extensively throughout India and a few countries abroad literally every month. The idea was to maintain a flow of journeys and trips, be it short breaks or volunteering and giving back to society – each trip expanded my understanding and perspective of life.

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 These past two years have been transformative. It was not simple to constantly be on the move or live out of a suitcase.

There is a high in exploring, learning, being a wanderer. But the idea is to not lose oneself or drift away in these journeys but to keep pushing, to keep that fire alive seeing the world through different eyes.

Leaving Mumbai was me stepping out my comfort zone. The universe took that one step and turned my life around.I am proud to say that I chose to live life on my terms, follow my passion and with no regrets but only gratitude. I have learnt and grown tremendously and even though I may not exactly know my future goals and plans, I could not have lived any better.

My biggest lesson has been- ‘to learn to balance’ – whether its work or leisure, relationships, attachments. It takes you a long way in life. Sometimes journeys without take us to journeys within.

I am sure this is only the beginning, and there is a lot ahead for me to discover and share.

I hope this urges you to look within and follow your passion with faith; knowing it may not be an easy path but definitely worth it. Travel became my passion, a way of life.