I have been on the road for the last two months for work and personal trips; and have literally been living out of a suitcase – shuttling from one city to another.

I have been moving around with one packed suitcase – and so I thought why not share a list of MY travel essentials that I do not leave without, which may help you pack hassle free for future trips!

  1. Right bag – Size matters!
  2. Toiletries – I always have a packed pouch with all my basic toiletries – brush, comb, balm, moisturizer, sanitizer, wet wipes and kajol pencil.
  3. I Pod/ music and headphones – Music is my best companion on any travel.
  4. Travel wallet – It is important to have a good wallet for all your documents, cards, tickets, money!
  5. Stole – It not only helps me keep warm but also adds a dash to any outfit.
  6. Charger – Since we are so dependent on our phones, this is one thing I do not miss at all! In addition throw in a battery pack or a portable charger.
  7. Gum and a granola bar/ biscuits – Food is definitely our fuel! A bar or two doesn’t occupy much space and ensures I do not die of starvation.
  8. A pair of extra clothes and slippers – Luggage misplaced or trip extended – these essentials are a big savior.
  9. Notebook and Book – Life would be incomplete without reading and writing.
  10. Camera – A necessity for me as I love capturing my journeys.

So these are the top 10 essentials that you would find in my luggage bag. Hope this helps you in your future travels.

Don’t forget to share your lists 🙂

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