“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Sometimes it is easy to write about a trip or a travel experience, and then there are other times when the same can be quite challenging. My solo journey to the Spiti Valley surely falls into the second category.

This was the first solo-backpacking trip that I had ever taken. It’s almost been a year since the trip and I still haven’t found the right words to describe it.

This trip was part of my plan to volunteer with the amazing NGO – ‘Ecosphere’. At that point of time I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me for the next 4 weeks. I didn’t think that this trip would be such an impactful, life-changing experience.  

Travelling solo is an experience in itself. It can be very challenging but rewarding and the learnings are immeasurable.

In this post, I would like to list down my 5 truths about being a Solo Traveler / Solo Travelling:

  • Fear is good – Even if you are a pro at solo travels; you will always feel anxious before any journey and that is absolutely fine.
  • The maximum number of strangers/ locals you interact with and the friendships you develop are going to be the most memorable achievements of a solo trip.
  • The freedom and responsibility one feels on a solo trip cannot be compared to anything else.


  • You get a deep insight into yourself– your instincts, qualities, moods… You learn to be at peace with your own company and that is a beautiful feeling.


  • Lastly, travelling alone is ADDICTIVE and in my opinion, it’s one of life’s best teachers.

(Voila, that is me again posing at Tabo, Spiti Valley from my 1st Solo Backpacking Trip)



  1. Anubha says:

    Very beautifully written and articulate, complied with stunning shots.

    I totally love it. And yes traveling alone is indeed superb. Great tips.

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