Rajasthan has always been one of my favorite states when it comes to travelling in India. I have made many trips to this beautiful state and covered almost all parts.  But Jaisalmer was a missing piece until I decided to bring in the New Year at the dunes.

The city charmed me from the very 1st day and I knew by the end of my one week trip that it would be one of my most cherished cities to explore.

Here are 7 awesome reasons why one must visit Jaisalmer and why I would always love to go back:

  1. The Khuri Dunes are gorgeous – unexplored and worth camping out for star gazing. They make a perfect spot for waking up in the middle of nowhere.


  1. Sam Dunes – They are breath-taking and unending. Starting my New Year in these dunes made it even more special. The camel rides, the endless walking to see the sky meet the dunes make these dunes my favorite.
  2. Sunsets – I am a die hard lover of sunsets – seeing the sun set by the dunes or from the havelis, both make a perfect picturesque moment in Jaisalmer.


    A lovely evening spent watching the sunset at the Ghadisar Lake

  1. Chanda Nani – I found out about this spirited 80 year old woman, Chanda Nani and her scrumptious home-food from another blog. Her heart and her spirit won me over in seconds. She makes traditional food in front of you at her little home, while chatting away about her good old days and travels. She is one of the warmest people I have ever met in my travels. Such an inspiration!

(Me with the gorgeous Chanda nani and her granddaughter, Hansa)

  1. ShoppingNo trip is complete without some shopping. Jaisalmers’ old market and the shops in the Fort will not disappoint you. There is something for everyone to take home.
  2. Forts and PalacesThe architecture of Rajasthan is famous all over the world and Jaisalmer Fort and Patwaon ki Haveli not only live up to the standard but raise it. The royal carvings and the intricacy of their work is a must see, and is bound to be every photographer’s delight.
  3. Food and RestaurantsJaisalmer has some great rooftop restaurants and cafes close to the Fort and in the city. The famous “Bhang Shop” is a must try for all visitors. There are some amazing restaurants even in the Luxury Hotels which serve brilliant Rajasthani cuisine. I would also recommend a visit to ‘Chokhi Dhani’ as it will give you an authentic experience.

These are some of my insights from the trip; please feel free to share your experiences in the city and recommend a few for my next visits!




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