I recently got back from a short trip to Thailand. It was quite an exciting experience trying to navigate through the places and make the most out of my time there.

There were quite a few things that I learnt, so I thought I would share some quick and easy tips to help you out in case you are planning a trip to this stunning destination.

Here are 5 things that you should definitely make note of to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

  1. Buy a local SIM card at the airport – there are some very affordable deals; you will find it super helpful for navigation and co-ordination.
  2. Language can be a hindrance as not everyone speaks English. If you are travelling by local buses and walking around asking for directions – get someone to write the name of your destination in Thai – that in itself is winning half the battle!
  3. Street Food – The cheapest and best food you will find across Thailand is on the streets. There’s a vast variety of sumptuous eats that can ensure unique meals for an entire week. It’s quite safe and healthy as well, so no worries there.
  4. Internal Travel – If travelling by buses internally around Thailand, make sure you book your bus tickets a day early- else you may have to end up altering your travel plans.
  5. Local Guidance – Advice from the locals though not always accurate, is quite reliable. From bus routes to best local massage centres, areas to visit – even fares to pay the tuk tuk. Taking their word on it is a fairly reasonable.



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